Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trip to the Used Book Sale

I went to a used book sale today, put on by 2 local homeschool groups, including the one of which I'm a member. I don't have anything to sell yet, but I was ready to buy! I pretty much have everything I need for 2011-2012 already, but I printed out a list of all the books that I'm planning on using the following year. Plus, I've been perusing the reading lists for various history and literature and science curricula for so long now, that I was pretty sure I'd recognize any books that I might want.

There were so many books!  People had boxes full of them spread on top of and under their tables, packed tightly with those thin children's readers that don't have enough room for the titles on the spines, so I had to flip through all of them one by one, while still keeping one eye out for other browsing customers so I wouldn't get stepped on. (It was a good thing I could leave the kids with their grandparents for the morning.)

I wonder if I will be one of these people one day, with boxes and boxes of books to sell....

I did find quite a bit on my list. I found 12 books from the Sonlight Core A package, ranging from $0.25 to $1.00 each. I had already decided not to buy the whole package new, since I already have several books from that core, and buying things separately, mostly from Amazon, was going to be at least $50-$60 cheaper for me. Now it will be even cheaper, after getting all these books so cheap. I found a few books from other Sonlight cores, plus a few other books from different history lists which I just liked. I got the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History for $10. I got a Melissa & Doug abacus still in the original packaging for $10, and a plastic Judy clock with movable gears for $1.

I also got the complete NOEO Physics 1 kit! I was looking for the Chemistry 1 material, and wasn't planning on doing physics until a few years later, but for more than half off, I think I'll just do physics first! The lady who was selling it hadn't even opened everything - she had bought it and then decided not to do it (her child went to a co-op science class instead).

So today was a pretty productive day. Friday and Saturday of this week, I'm going to the SETHSA homeschool conference too, so I'll report on that later.

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