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Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, by Bernard Nebel
Vol. 1, K-2nd grade

The following is a list of links to videos from Discovery Education that are applicable to various lessons from BFSU. These are just videos that we used when doing these lessons - they may not cover exactly the same material as the BFSU lessons, but they may be helpful for your students too. The lessons are listed in the order we did them. Note that you have to have a paid subscription to Discovery Education to view the videos. And, of course, you will want the book by Dr. Nebel to go along with the videos!

Lesson A-1/B-1: Organizing Things into Categories, p.39
Relates to: none
Unusual items needed: none
Discovery Education videos: none for this one

Lesson A-2: Solids, Liquids, and Gases, p. 45
Relates to: none
Unusual items needed: none
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson A-3: Air is a Substance, p. 51
Relates to: A-2
Unusual items needed: 2 balloons of the same size to inflate
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson D-1: Gravity, p. 309
Relates to: A-3
Unusual items needed: globe, carpenter’s level
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson B-2: Living, Non-Living, Man-Made, p. 127
Relates to: A/B-1, A-2
Unusual items needed:  collection of objects
Discovery Education videos:
Living Things (Sid the Science Kid); 3 segments:  part 1, part 2, part 3 (K-2nd)

Lesson A-4: Matter I: Particulate Nature, p. 57
Relates to: A-2, A-3
Unusual items needed:  clay or dough, metal/wood pieces, file
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson A-5: Distinguishing Materials, p. 64
Relates to: A/B-1, A2, B2
Unusual items needed: none
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson C-1:Concepts of Energy I: Making Things Go, p. 249
Relates to: A2, D1, B3
Unusual items needed: prepared 3x5 cards
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson C-2: Sound, Vibrations, Energy, p. 261
Relates to: A3, A4, C1
Unusual items needed: multiple sizes of rubber bands, stringed instruments, bells, tuning fork (percussion instruments), 3-4 ft piece of molding with a groove for marbles, marbles, diagram of human larynx, diagram of human ear anatomy
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson D-2: Day and Night and Earth’s Rotation, p. 316
Relates to: D1, D3
Unusual items needed: globe, bare lightbulb lamp, dark room, grain of rice
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson D-3: Reading and Drawing Maps, p. 321
Relates to: D2, D3A
Unusual items needed: maps
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson D-3A: North, South, East, and West, p. 327
Relates to: D2, D3
Unusual items needed:  globe, maps, compass
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson A-5A: Magnets and Magnetic Fields, p. 72
Relates to: A5, D3A
Unusual items needed:  magnets, iron filings, small sheet of plastic, compass, large nail
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson D-5: Time and the Earth’s Turning, p. 340
Relates to:  D2, D3, D3A
Unusual items needed: globe, lamp (like in D2), 12” square paper, sunny-all-day location
Discovery Education videos:
(see lesson D-2 videos)

 Lesson D-4: Landforms and Major Biomes, p. 334
Relates to:  D3, D3A, B4A
Unusual items needed: world map and wall space
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson C-3: Concepts of Energy II: Kinetic & Potential Energy, p. 271
Relates to: A2, B2, B3, C1, D1
Unusual items needed: ramp, pendulum, balloons, spring powered toy/device, hand crank generator (if available)
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson B-3: Distinguishing Plants and Animals, p. 145
Relates to: A/B1, B2, C1, C3
Unusual items needed: prepared cards with names of plants & animals, pictures of plants & animals, actual plants & animals, dried vegetable peelings, dirt, prepared cards with plant and animal characteristics, plant food
Discovery Education videos:

Lesson B-4: Life Cycles, p. 153
Relates to:  B2, B3, B4a, B4b
Unusual items needed: fruit flies, butterfly or other life cycle kits, maybe a geneology/family tree
Discovery Education videos:

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