Wednesday, June 29, 2011

School, School, and School

We are taking a break from our home school this week. We do plan to continue through the summer, but this week I am sending my 2 girls to Vacation Bible School. It's not actually the one at my own church (which is in late July), but at the church across the street from ours. I did feel a little guilty at first, sending them to another church and taking advantage of their workers and supplies, but I've been hearing more and more about other people doing the same thing. I figured it's a good chance for my girls to socialize with some new people (our church only has one other girl in the same grade as my oldest).  Plus, to help finalize my decision, it turned out that my husband was going on a business trip this week to Japan! So I figured I could use the help.

It's been nice, though short (tomorrow's the last day, and 3 hours a day goes by really fast!). The girls have been loving it. My youngest girl is just barely old enough for it, at 3 years old. My son isn't old enough this year, so I've still had him with me full-time, but he is so much more manageable without the girls around. In any case, it has allowed me to go to the grocery store this week without dragging all 3 kids along.

It's funny, though - all 3 kids have been asking me this week when we're going to do school again. They may complain (at least, the oldest does) when we're doing it, but she misses it now. In fact, this evening, she dragged her sister to the playroom with her to have their own school. I could hear her making her little sister count to 100, do an alphabet worksheet (for the letter "U"), and sing songs for music time. It actually was very sweet. It makes up a little bit for all the hair-pulling they've put me through this week without Daddy home.

Home school, Vacation Bible School, play school - my kids have "school" on the brain!

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